xa-buildingTONG ZE GROUP was founded in Xi’an by Dr. ZhuoZefan in 1995. Its business focuses are on agricultural science and technology, energy and mineral resources, and financial services. The group has investment operation centers in Xi’an and Hong Kong.

The Group follows its investment philosophy of “Discover, promote, and realize values”. With an enterprise goal of “let’s do more for the society,” the group has successfully invested in growth companies such as Yanchang Petroleum International Ltd (0346. HK), China Nonferrous Metals Company Ltd (8306. HK), Shaanxi Juchuan Fuwanjia co., Ltd, Hong Kong Mining Investments Ltd, Shaanxi TONG ZE Energy Investment, Ltd., Xinjiang Sunway Potash co., Ltd, Xi’an Movie Corp and Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd (601369:SHA) in the past years.

TONG ZE GROUP will continue to focus on agricultural science, energy and mining, and new materials sectors through direct investment and/or merge and acquisition activities. The group strives to be the leader in this creative industrial revolution, and continue to expand its financial services to invest in and/or control securities, trust, banks, funds and financial leasing institutions.

Agricultural Science
Energy and Mining
Financial Services